Vivamo Quiet Garden

Vivamo Quiet Garden was opened in August 2007. 

The story began some years earlier, when Tuomo Salovuori was surfing on the internet and found the web pages of The Quiet Garden movement. Having a horticultural background and a great spiritual interest in retreats, it was a real inspiration. Since then Tuomo has been in England several times visiting different kind of Quiet Gardens and meeting people of similar interest. In his work Tuomo is developing "green care" methods, where nature elenents are used to support people who live in institutions or supported housing places.

Kalevi Rautjoki, who was the manager of Vivamo center, shared the vision of Quiet Garden from the beginning. He offered on opportunity to build the Quiet Garden in the Vivamo area, where they have many retreats every year.

Work began in 2005 behind the Church of the Broken Heart, where there had been a garden long time ago. While renewing the area builders tried to spare the old roses and cherry trees, which were found amongst the old woodland.

In 2007 Hannu, Marko and Tuomo Mantere joined the team. Hannu is an artist and he has done a lot of work with stones in Vivamo Quiet Garden. Marko is a Lutheran minister and a horticulturist.Tuomo Mantere is a leading hospital minister in Lohja area. Friends of the Quiet Gardens was established in December 2007. Its purpose is to promote the Quite Garden ministry in Finland and support the maintenance of Vivamo’s beautiful environment.

We welcome you to visit Vivamo and its Quiet Garden.

Vivamo is situated in Lohja.

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