Quiet25 Retreat at Holland House, 28-29 March 2018


Tässä mahdollisuus osallistua Quiet Garden retriittiin Englannissa. The beginning of a New Year is the ideal time to plan time aside to enrich your own contemplative journey - and we've designed this retreat with Quiet Garden hosts in mind. It is an opportunity for you to rest and retreat yourselves before the season of opening your Quiet Garden gets underway, as well as a chance to connect with others involved in Quiet Gardens and introduce you to the Quiet25 Course so you can run your own or use parts of it with your visitors.

This retreat is open to anyone - hosts, your support group, people who visit your garden and people who are interested in contemplative practice and Quiet Garden ideas. It will take place at Holland House Retreat Centre, Nr Evesham, Worcestershire, which is  a member of the Quiet Garden Movement and has three-acres of beautiful gardens that run alongside the picturesque River Avon. It is a place of harmony with creation.

If you want to join us please book your place soon - and ideally by the end of January to help our administrative deadlines.

Please also share the details with your contacts and those that attend your local Quiet Garden.

The retreat costs £160, which includes all meals and accommodation in single rooms. We may also have one or two concession tickets available - so if you'd like to join us but the cost is preventing you please contact me directly.

For details and to book visit www.quietgarden.org/event/quiet25-retreat-march-2018/ or call 01494 578909.